Wood Floor Repair Bronx

Our wood floor repair bronx services have been built alongside our years of experience. With various types of floors and the many effects of damage and wear, you can rest assured our wood floor restoration specialists will be able to help you restore your floor with the minimum cost required. Whether it’s a small scratch on your new floors, damage from a water leak, or poor installation causing cupping on your wooden floors, there is a high chance of us being able to help you. Just give us a call, and we will be happy to offer free advice or an immediate on-site visit..

We do not sub-contract any work, instead we employ a team of qualified fitters trained and ready to install your brand new wood floor so that you can be sure it is fitted to the highest possible standard. At Wood Floor Bronx, we want to make sure that we leave you with a wood floor that you can be proud to have, and we can be proud to provide. .





Polish and wax
Polish and wax